Thank you for bringing me back to Jesus

Thank you for bringing me back to Jesus

5. January 2007 Fréttir 0

4 1/2 years ago I found my self walking away from God, being angry with him for things in my life, that wasn´t his fault. Here in Denmark I was attending a christian college, and because I was so angry with God I drope out of school.

For a few month I spendt my time doing nothing, but desired to be an au pair in Iceland. So in March 2002 I went i Reykjavik where I met some of you. You where so open and warm-hearted, and you loved Jesus. Olöf Inger, Conny, Heidrun and especially Styrmir showed me Jesus just by being my friend. But it wasn’t just them, but all the people who spent time with me.

To day I am a child of God. I’m married, have a son; Job, who is 17 mouth old. I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me and showing me the love of Jesus.

Birthe Rasmussen

(Færsla af KSF-spjallinu sem nú hefur verið lokað, birt 3. desember 2006)